Mission and Vision

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Tuesdays and Saturdays

If you would like to watch the service in real time Rabbi/Pastor Hector Gomez will be Livestreaming Torah Study & Shabbat service  
Livestream starts promptly @ 7:30pm. If you are not able to tune in at that time, please go to Archive/Recents Sermons to see all the past sermons.


Our vision of Relationship Enrichment Center  is to  create a community of authentic believers and to witness a city transformed by the life changing reality of the gospel, as people come to know Jesus as their lord and savior. Our  mission of Relationship Enrichment Center is to educate believers to understand and grow spiritually in the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith, Our goal is to  restore marriage and families back to Yeshua/Jesus Christ so that will bring glory and honor to Him.

Biblical feast

Why is the Sabbath on Saturday?
The Jewish Sabbath (from Hebrew shavat, “to rest”) is observed throughout the year on the seventh day of the week—Saturday. According to biblical tradition, it commemorates the original seventh day on which God rested after completing the creation. Leviticus 23 lists these seven feasts in order of their seasonal observance: Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Booths or Tabernacles.

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We'd love to talk to you! If you have any questions for Rabbi/Pastor Hector Gomez please email or call him. He would be happy to connect with you.
Email: recmin@verizon.net
Phone: 813-968-4896
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