Rabbi/Pastor Hector & Evelyn Gomez

Rabbi/Pastor Hector Gomez & Evelyn have been married for 50 years+ They have 3 children. and 4 grandchildren. Pastor Hector is a graduate of Rhema Bible College and Simchat Torah Beit Mid Rash in Hebrew Studies.
Pastor Hector is a certified counselor with 35+ years of experience in marriage and relationship counseling.
Pastor's Hector and Evelyn have worked with hundreds of couples both in pre-marital and marital counseling and performed over 600 marriage ceremonies.
As a result of this ministry hundreds of  marriages have been restored!

Our goal for R.E.C. seeks to produce ambassadors for Yeshua Jesus Christ through the power of Yahweh’s word and Holy Spirit. Our vision is to restore broken relationships for families and marriages.
We hope to inspire every individual to be whole in Yeshua Jesus Christ.

R.E.C provides private counseling, Education, Exhortation, and Empowerment not just to our congregation but to our community. Please fiil out form below to make an appointment for marriage and or children and family counseling. We will contact you within 24 hours.
Relationship Enrichment Center Beit Tikkun House of Restoration www.recministries.org 813.968.4896 recmin@verizon.net