America IS FALLEN, Babylon is FALLEN and Become the House Of Every Unclean and Foul Bird…

America IS FALLEN, Babylon is FALLEN and Become the House Of Every Unclean and Four Bird…
Three things are happening to America that will bring in military rule (we had to do it), and they are:
1.    People refusing the jab
2.    People who have died from the “jab” a million or more now
3.    People who are maimed from the jab and cannot work
These three groups are now leaving the work force in mass and creating work shortages that are causing supply line breaks, medical establishment breaks and so on as part of a well-planned the agenda.
The so-called Nazi-Communist governors and underlings of the Psalm Two Antichrist “authorities” are now free to bring in their military forces to take the place of the workers and thus establish a MARTIAL LAW STATE. This was the plan from the very beginning. If it does not work, a FALSE FLAG EVENT OF GREAT MAGNITUDE WILL BE USED.
The other side to this is a possible revolution against these godless antichrist “controllers” will likewise bring in a MARTIAL LAW STATE as it will cause a “national security” issue which triggers the UN Article Seven response and a total takeover of the UN/China 4th Beast of Daniel. Either way, America, as we have known it has already ceased to exist and the communist/Marxist coup has become a success beyond words! America will soon merge into the 4th Beast One World Order just as Bible prophecy said it would.

It is amazing as how rapidly America fell under the Antichrist forces via this medical tyranny, with the medical establishment’s total corruption. It is amazing and a wonderous thing to watch doctors, nurses, pharmacies, and the military all become serial killers and not even ask any questions. They line up to kill their own families as well their neighbors or anyone who offers their arm to this so-called DNA changing “jab” which is a killing machine via injection.  
This is the power of propaganda and weaving a web of deception and delusion, just as the Bible said was coming in the last days. You are watching the “cockatrices” eggs of Isaiah that KILL all who take it come to pass right under your noses.
This is what happens when people leave the precious Word of God. Eternal death awaits the vast number of Americans as they totally abandon all logic and common sense. They are bowing down and licking the black boots of tyranny and loving every bit to be so and any resistance has been taken into account.
The American people are now slaves, dead inside, no real soul, no freedom whatever, broken, destitute of meaning, and for practical purpose, zombies, with no mind of their own, unable to resist.  Satan laid a trap for the people of America and the world, and 98% are now ensnared and cannot escape.
We are watching the final end of things as humanity is turned into a hybrid cyborg, then into a synthetic entity as the cockatrice eggs do their work over a short span of time. Once again the Scriptures prove their 100% accuracy and the more they do, it appears more folks turn their backs upon the Word. So it is, and so it goes.
Chairman Xi of China is very correct in his assessment of the American people, and how they have become so apathetic and lifeless that the China/UN 4th Beast will have a very easy time in the complete take-over America. He is sadly very correct.
Just as Jesus shows no mercy whatever to His rejected followers in Matthew Seven, so to does Satan show no mercy to those who follow him. There is only ONE escape in the Church Age, and it is called the STRAIT GATE AND NARROW WAY. After the Church is removed, it is OF WITH YOUR HEAD. Do not chose Mammon and saving your life here! Chose death and leave this evil world behind. Chose life, not death!!

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