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Dear Youth Leader (or former youth leader)
It seems
like now more than ever before and Christians and especially those in leadership learning how to be RESILIENT it requires.

Hebrews tells us, “Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.”
If there was only ice cream and pizza, you do not have to endure.  If life was like Disneyland all the time you do not need to endure that!
The implication of this teaching is that life might not always be easy, but we can build the kind of faith in our youth and ourselves that will be RESILIENT and endure!
I am writing this letter to encourage you in 2 ways:
A.  To share with you a few tools I have learned about building RESLIENT faith.
B. To share with you a REMARKABLE OPPORTUNITY a Christian owned company called Success Vision, which is proving to be resilient in this tough economy as they have incorporated so many practical Bible truths to help their people thrive in the middle of a crazy economy. (Our Vision of Success - YouTube watch now so you understand what I am describing)
You may have heard about the Spartan races that millions of people have now participated in.  I have personally run several of them and have learned so much that applies to this very topic!  This picture of right before I stared my first Spartan race in Breckenridge CO.  It was 13 miles starting at 6000 feet and running to 11,000 feet with about 30 obstacles along the way that each person had to conquer to move on.  I obviously did not look this energetic at the end of the day.

1. THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT-preparing for obstacles
I was so energetic as I started up the mountain, having run a couple of marathons, I thought I could conquer this easily.  I started to hit obstacles (just like we do in our Christian life) that were not announced.  Some were carrying a heavy log for a quarter mile, then continue to run, or walking through a freezing lake, then continuing the trail.  As I looked around at other runners, I realized I had not come prepared with the right gear.  I thought, “Why do so many have gloves, knee pads sunscreen etc.,” which I discovered the answer to along the way.  I found myself with multiple scrapes, punctures and pain wishing I had learned more and prepared better with the right equipment. 
This is of course parallel to how we must prepare spiritually NOW before we face obstacles in our faith because they WILL COME!  Get into the Bible in a fresh way, read books, podcasts etc.  We cannot say we are not prepared because of lack of tools to do so.  Get your hands on the right spiritual equipment NOW!
Baked into the Success Vision story is making sure people are prepared with the right tools they day they start.  They want everyone, whether they are an entry level high school grad, or someone more experienced looking for a fantastic career in helping people, while being able to provide for their family in a very generous fashion, to have every tool necessary to succeed on their new job with Success Vision. (Our Vision of Success - YouTube you will not want to miss this inspiring video)
2.  THE RIGHT TRAINING-for specific obstacles
After I had participated in several Spartan races, and endured grueling obstacles, I started to watch exactly how people who were successful, any a given obstacle went about their success.  Most people mindlessly tried to muscle it through.  However, most of those who finished each used technique to master the challenge.  Somewhere they had either learned, or self-taught a better way of attacking the challenge, reserving their strength for the rest of the race and the next obstacle.  Brilliant!  But where could they have learned these mysteries?
It turns out there are plethora of training videos online, and actual course presented by Spartan you can attend.  So, I did, and wow did it make a difference only next race!
I am afraid too often we get on fire for the Lord, or our youth do, then we expect them to just muscle it through life’s challenges they come.  Then when they fail or give up, we might quip, “They just fell away…”  We
must make sure they are trained specifically for the challenges they are facing now or are right around the corner.  It is easy to know what those are and easier still to find training.  Just hunt for it and you will find it!

Success Vision cares about their employees and their customers and knows that excellent training before deployment of new staff is imperative.   Many of their team knew nothing about the Optical business when they started (as it not necessary) but are thriving now as key members of a exciting culture!  They also have ongoing weekly training for their combined staff of 120 people scattered in 15 locations in 4 states all linked together weekly! 

This is how committed they are to helping their team develop personally and professionally so their have maximum impact on how clients are treated. Our Vision of Success - YouTube this video will touch your heart!
3.  THE RIGHT PEOPLE-cannot conquer all obstacles alone
One of the great benefits of participating in a Spartan event is when teams do it together.  Teams from schools, workplace, church groups all come with the goal of finishing together.  In this sense it is not an individual sport to them, as they know what many of their teammates cannot make it over some of the obstacles by themselves.  They make it their goal to support and help each other though those obstacles, winter that is scaling a 12-foot wall and using each other as a pyramid to get the one over who cannot or screaming lots of encouragement to those who are on the verge of giving up.  The emotion is palpable!
I started taking my son Cameron, and then my son in-law Jon along for some of the Spartan races and wow, the fulfillment factor (and friendly competition and trash talk) made it a completely bonding experience.

One of the things our young generation desperately needs is a team, a posse to go through life with during their most challenging years.  I have seen you leaders build this kind of comrade and it is a beautiful thing to watch them have each other’s back.  Like a wolf-pack!
Success Vision is so committed to the right people, they refuse just to hire qualified people without the heart for the Lord and to take His gospel to the ends of the earth.  You see even though they are a regular for-profit company, they take much of the profits and use them to fund MISSION TRIPS FOR THE ENTIRE STAFF EVERY YEAR!  (Whoever wants to participate) They present free eye clinics to needy people in villages all over the planet and give away glasses all while sharing the Gospel each year!  Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of a team like that?
Mission team from Success Vision
Well, I want to invite you as a youth leader (or former youth leader) to investigate it.  Most you leaders are bi-vocational, and some struggle to provide well for their family.  But what if you could continue in ministry and provide for you family very well at a life-giving enterprise like Success Vision?  You may be able to stay right where you are living as they are looking to start offices over many states.  In addition, it is a great next step for many of your youth who are graduating, and a great entering into the work world that will keep their hearts burning for Christ.
Please take a moment now to look at this link to see more about this amazing story and company Our Vision of Success - YouTube
If you would like more info about specific opportunities that wait you, please email Emma (a former intern at the Honor Academy and Teen Mania staff member) directly at She can answer any questions you have and help you see if this might be a step for you.
In this world of bad news, isn’t it great to hear a good story?  A founder, his family and a company that are truly honoring the Lord with not just their money, but with their culture and their acts of compassion around the world; that is what Success Vision is all about.
Still Consumed by Him who Calls,
Ron Luce
P.S.  As a small thank you for considering, if you simply reply to this e mail and ask me for more information, I want to send you my a whole book on how to live a resilient life and build faith that is RESILIENT!  I will then get Emma in touch with you to give you more info!

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