Joshua 5:6Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
6 because the people of Isra’el walked forty years in the desert until the whole nation, that is, the fighting men who had left Egypt, had died out; because they had not heeded what Adonai said. Adonai had sworn that he would not allow them to see the land which Adonai swore to their ancestors that he would give us, a land flowing with milk and honey.

In this era of breakthrough, many believers don't put things into the proper perspective. They hear the breakthrough message and the wait on God but many times, breakthrough is not happening because of us! You see, there are things in your life that God has to remove and change things before he can take you into your promised land. Your next level depends on you conquering the present level!
Why in the world would God give you a breakthrough when you have not completed the present course that you are on?
You see, we do things a lot of times that keep us going in circles. We make bad decisions, we operate on our own and ignore the voice of God, and we get comfortable with our "issues" and never choose to deal with them. So, we stay where we are! Then, we go to conferences, services, and watch TV evangelists talk about our next season, our next level, or our breakthrough, and we immediately want the word to be for us.
But listen my friend, your next level, season, or breakthrough cannot be spoken over you, but it has to be operated in you. You have to pass the test!! You have to be willing to sacrifice your personal feelings and wants for the sake of the Kingdom of God. God is waiting for a people that will give up all and follow him. You can't hold on to your old ways, your old decision making processes, or your old way of thinking in the promise land. You could do that in the past, because you weren't going anywhere. But God wants to protect the promise land from your old mentality. Just think if God was to give you everything you got coming while you are still being hardheaded, forming bad relationships, spending money unwisely, or walking in rebellion and disobedience. You would mess things up royally. But look at it from this angle or perspective. The promise land, right now, is in the hands of someone else! God always delivered the promise out of one hand, into the next! He took it from the unjust and gave it to the just. With that said, ask yourself this question. Why would he take it from people that will not listen to him and give it to people that will not listen to him? If you are going to get it, you have to listen to him.

The original children of Israel that once lived in Egypt, did not see the promise land. They wandered around for 40 years and never went anywhere because they did not obey God. They kept doing what they knew to do, which was what they learned in Egypt. So, God did not give them the promise land. He took their children and gave them the promise. That's the way it is for so many of us today. Our breakthrough has not come because we are circling the same area we have circled for years. Making the same bad decisions and allowing ourselves to be put right back in the same place and never going forward. We must learn to obey God and follow his plan. Once we do that, we will get the breakthrough! Once we do that, we will step into our season! Once we do that, we will see the promise! The enemy is not fighting your breakthrough by messing with your money, or your job. He's fighting you in your mind! He's causing you to listen to yourself and not God. You see, the children of Israel kept bringing up what the Egyptians did to them. The more they talked about it, the more they gave power to it.. And thus, they could never move forward because they kept talking about what had happened to them. If the devil can get you to make decisions based on what people did to you, or how you feel, then he can 
put you at a standstill. If he can cause you to go against the plan of God and move according to your personal feelings, then he can cause you to walk in circles! Saints of God, your breakthrough, your promise, your season, is waiting on you. It's already prepared, but you must allow God to work out things in you first so that when you get there, you will not be like the those that he has taken the land from!

Just remember BREAKTHROUGH only comes  through you obedience and your faithfulness, and honoring His commandments, keeping His Sabbath and being faithful in your Tithe & Offerings, and honoring the people around you!  Stay focus and on track and see BREAKTHROUGH COME TOWARDS YOU!

Suggested Reading: Prov. 13:22, Rom. 16:19, 2Cor. 10:6, Heb. 5:8

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