Breaking Sexual and Romantic and Deliverance from Sexual Promiscuity

Breaking Sexual and Romantic Ties and Deliverance from Sexual Promiscuity:
As a Marriage and Family Counselor for many years I have encountered many believers who are suffering from Sexual Promiscuity, so I want to pass this to those who may need to break free!
We are about to study the subject of emotional damage, mental damage, and marital damage caused by ungodly soul ties and how to break them in order for the people of God to live in freedom of covenants and relationships from the past. Soul ties can be formed with others before and during marriage, or even after a marriage.

What is a soul tie? It is the invisible tie that binds one person to another person, organization or object. It is an ungodly covenant based on an unhealthy emotional or sexual relationship or attachment. What is a covenant? A covenant is an agreement that is binding on all parties. There is no need to keep past covenant if you have already moved on to another relationship. Old covenants from previous relationships, lovers or spouses need to be broken. Examples of covenants are commitments spoken or demonstrated, like when you say, ” I will always love you”, “I will always stand by your side”, or “I will always hate you”. Another form of covenant is demonstrated by receiving a ring from someone as a sign of engagement or commitment. If the relationship is already severed, the spirit of the covenant must be broken by returning the ring to the giver. If the giver refuses to accept it, the recipient must get rid of it and not keep it. Anything else that connects you to the former lover must be gotten rid of as well. Burn all love notes, cards, return the bike, etc. Delete and junk all e-mails from him/her. Get rid of all of it and have nothing to do with it: move on in the right way! I will mention here a different kind of a soul tie although it may be outside of this study. I just feel that the Holy Spirit wants me to include it here. This is the soul tie that is attached to an object. An example is a piece or item that has been passed down from a great, great ancestor. A dying relative might want to give it to you because it has been with the family for generations. RECIPIENT BEWARE! The devil knows that people (especially females) are sentimental people. When there is sentimental value on something, it blinds our eyes. The tendency is not to get rid of it but to keep on holding on to it. If curses are attached to that object, bad things can happen in your life. It will also prevent you from moving in the direction that the Holy Spirit wants you to move. It may involve separating your life from the object because of the sentimental soul tie, otherwise, it will draw you to a wrong loyalty. If the object is cursed, the curse will continue because someone is hosting the spirit that was placed in the item. Be very discerning! If you are aware that there is a curse on the object being passed on to you, say this prayer:“ I break and renounce all covenants, curses, and demonic blessings attached to this item, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus! I cut off any soul ties and sentimental affections and relationships that I have with this object in the name of Yeshua/Jesus! I ask for the blood of Jesus to seal this item. Amen.
After you have spoken this prayer, get rid of the item. You have three options: break it. If it will not break, burn it. If it will not burn, BURY IT! The passages in the Bible that support this are found in Deuteronomy 7:4-5, 25, 26, Isaiah 2:17-21 (Old Testament).
Going back to soul ties with previous lovers or spouses, how do we break our attachments to previous relationships? We are going to learn how to do it in this study. The prayer provided here will break soul and spirit ties, romantic ties and even sexual and romantic words spoken during lovemaking or sexual intimacy. The purpose of this is to present yourself to your spouse with no soul and spirit ties with your past and to enjoy a new life of enjoying sexual intimacy.
The most common soul and spirit ties are found in sexual relationships where the sexual relationship is outside of marriage. In the case of a married couple who are divorced, there must still be a breaking or separating of the soul and spirit even when the marriage certificate is canceled as a result of a certificate of divorce. There are so many cases where the spouse is not able to give himself or herself fully to the other because her soul and spirit is still attached to the former lover or spouse. This situation is caused by soul ties that have never been broken. The result is a scattered soul. The person who has a scattered soul is a person with a divided soul. For the sake of this study, the terms soul tie, double minded, scattered soul and divided soul will be used interchangeably.
In James 1:7-8 in the New Testament, we see the problem of a divided soul as a double minded person. “For that man ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord…” (verse 7). We can give and give in our marriage but it seems as though we get very little in return. Having a scattered, divided soul affects our receiving, not our giving. We may wonder why we can’t receive the love and affection from our spouse that we so desperately need. A spouse can tell us that they love us, but somehow it does not get through.
The love cannot be contained because the container inside is fragmented in pieces. When the soul and spirit ties are broken, it will not only set you free but it will also heal the divide within your soul. If a divided soul is not healed, it will always create a relationship problem. It is the will of God to bless our marriages. So many couples do not enjoy the blessedness of a married life because of the problem of divided souls. Our inability to receive is because our soul is tied to someone outside of our spouses or to something. We receive instead from the person with whom we have a soul tie.
There are good soul ties and there are bad soul ties. Good soul ties produce life in us. Bad soul ties produce death in us. God wants us to break the bad soul ties! Many marriages are broken because of the bad soul ties. I will expose here the different kinds of sexual sins that produce bad soul ties and how to get it right with God.
If a person continues to do this sexual sins mentioned below, the blessing of God is not in that relationship. Unless repented, the curse of sexual sin will follow a person. No amount of changing an address, changing a profession or changing relationships or churches can remove the curse of sin. You cannot jump from bed to bed or from one marriage to another in order to get rid of it. Only repentance can accomplish it.
Here are a few of the sexual sins:
First, is fornication . This is sexual intercourse between men and women that are not married to each other. In Galatians 5:19 (New Testament), fornication is identified with deeds of the flesh. It is considered as sexual immorality. We are strongly warned that those who practice such things will not inherit the Kingdom of God. The proliferation of lewd entertainment from sexually provocative magazines, to internet dating sites, cybersex (a virtual sex encounter in which two or more persons connected remotely via computer network send each other sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience), to suggestive TV shows that demonstrate the world of sex outside of marriage, fornication becomes the next easy step to happen to those that are an inch away from being seduced into this sin.
God is not mocked. Whatever we sow, we will reap (Galatians 6:7, New Testament). Practicing fornication leads to the bondage of sexual lust and addiction. It can give birth to other consequences as well, like unwanted pregnancies, abortion, and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (like AIDS, herpes, syphilis and other pelvic inflammatory diseases). If the soul ties of previous lovers and sexual partners or of former husbands or wives are not cut off, part of that person’s personality remains in you. In an ungodly soul tie, an ungodly covenant has been formed either verbally or simply assumed by parties involved.
When a sexual encounter occurred, the covenant entered into a binding relationship. God sees the covenant and so does Satan. As long as fornication continues, God does not bless the relationship. Sin invites the curse of God in that relationship. It becomes the ground where sin begets sin and opens a person up to a whole new world of demonic attack. If the fornicating couple is engaged to be married, there must be a renunciation of sin before God and a breaking of the old sexual covenants before entering into their marriage. Why? Because they will be entering into their marriage on a faulty foundation.
You do not want to bring the curse of fornication into your marriage. Both parties have to forgive each other for defiling each other’s bodies ( I Corinthians 6:15-17, New Testament). What is defilement? It is the state of being corrupted, or polluted, or a state where someone’s good name and reputation is damaged. In the case of a couple who is going to get married, even if no reputation might be damaged, their flesh has already been corrupted because of the sin. The couple should also ask God to restore the godly foundation to their upcoming marriage.
Assuming that the marriage or the wedding is still several months or weeks or days away, the couple should keep themselves pure and not go back into committing fornication again. This is where vigilance and accountability should come in. Accountability would keep them in check and in balance for any misses and lapses and point them back in the right direction.
Good pre-marital counseling should include this teaching in their counseling sessions. So many couples who have had sexual relationship with each other prior to their marriage, begin to see the unraveling of the wrath of sin during their marriage beginning with dissatisfaction, torment, guilt and condemnation. It is common place to hear couples who have lived with each other prior to their marriage to say, “all hell broke loose” after they were married. This is because the unrighteous foundation was not demolished through repentance and renunciation before they got married. This is what I mean when I say, God is not mocked. You will reap whatever you sow.
In cases where a baby is conceived before marriage, the couple should also repent of getting pregnant before the marriage transpired. Then, the bastard spirit needs to be cut off from the unborn child. This can also be done once the baby is born.
Biblically, such a baby is conceived through the unrighteous sin of fornication, and not from a godly union blessed with the covering of marriage. The couple should ask God to reclaim the righteous foundation that was not established in this seed, which is the baby. The baby will not only need to be dedicated, but also consecrated to God. This is the way to reinstate the situation back to a godly foundation and to cut off the generational curse of sexual sin.
What is a generational curse? A curse that has been passed down from one generation to another due to sin, choices and rebellion against God. Once the bastard spirit is cut off from the baby, pronounce a prayer of blessing over the baby. If the baby conceived in fornication is already an adult, it is not enough to just cut off the bastard spirit. The adult himself must come to the Lord and say the prayer that will break the bastard spirit or get help from a minister or counselor who will assist him in doing it.
Going back to the engaged couple, a prayer of blessing has to be pronounced over them ( See Your Rabbi/Pastor) after their repentance and the breaking of the curse has been done. All curses that have been brought about by their previous life of sexual sins (from other lovers) need to be broken in prayer too. The prayer of blessing will be especially powerful when the couple has fully renounced and repented of the sin of fornication between each other and other previous lovers. If the couple could get deliverance from their other sexual encounters prior to their marriage, this would be a commendable step. If a prayer of blessing is prayed over the couple at their marriage, but the sexual sin of fornication was not renounced and repented yet, there will be an ongoing battle between the prayer of blessing spoken during the marriage ceremony and the seed of sin that was planted because of their fornication.
The seed of fornication will be a dormant seed that will only wait for the right time before it will start to seek out adultery, divorce or strife of some kind. This is the power of sin. It strangles life and produces pain, death of love, death of marriage and suffering. But God’s forgiveness is more powerful. Light is more powerful than darkness. We must be willing to come to the light and bring all sexual sins into the light, instead of hiding and keeping them. The power of sin is hidden in darkness, but it is broken once it is exposed and repented (John 3:19, New Testament). Repentance is a way of bringing the sin into light. Yeshua/Jesus Himself is the Light, and His blood cleanses us from all sins. That of course includes the sin of fornication (I John 1:7, New Testament). If you are reading this teaching and you need help for the sin of fornication/s to be broken in your life, you can contact me directly. Use the CONTACT US link in this website. However, you can also use these Prayers in Repenting and Renouncing Sins of Fornication and Breaking Soul and Spirit Ties:
Heavenly Father, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, I would like to acknowledge that I have sinned against myself and against you by defiling my body through the sexual sin of fornication. I would like to repent and ask forgiveness of my sin. I am also repenting that I have defiled my former lover/husband/wife/partner/another person by agreeing with him to commit the sin. I ask for the blood of Jesus to cleanse me from the sin of fornication. Father God, I receive your forgiveness and I receive the power of the blood to cleanse me from every defilement that comes with fornicating.
I break the soul ties to my former lover/s (if there are several, you should break the soul ties by naming them one by one), former husband/former wife/former partner in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I also break all romantic and sexual memories that are attached to my emotions and my mind in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, of my former lover/former husband/former wife/former partner. I cast down all residue of fantasy with my sexual encounter with my former lover/former husband/former wife/former partner in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I forgive my lover/partner for defiling my body in the name of Jesus. I forgive him/her for defiling my mind with all kinds of filthy and suggestive sexual words and language, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. Heavenly Father, forgive me for defiling him/her as well. I ask oh God that you will bring healing and cleansing to my emotions, my mind and my body in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. Father, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, I bind every unclean spirit of lust, impurity, immorality, etc. that entered into my body through fornication and I command them to be cast out and thrown into the deepest sea in the name of Jesus. I ask for the blood of Jesus to cover these doorways as I totally put a closure to all sexual sins in my life. Father God, starting today, I declare that I will value purity and walk in holiness, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. Thank you for your love, for your forgiveness, for the cleansing and the protecting power of the blood and my newly found freedom in the name of Yeshua/Jesus! I BREAK THE CURSE of fornication in my life, in the name of Yeshua/ Jesus! Completely renew my mind. Thank you for healing my mind from the tormenting memories of my past, in the name of Jesus, Amen!
Here is another prayer for a couple who are about to be married and have committed the sin of fornication. The purpose of this prayer is to reclaim a godly foundation in the marriage so that the curse of fornication will not be dragged into their married life. The prayer can be prayed by each one in different settings or it can be prayed together. The following prayer includes breaking of the curse that can result in physical barrenness for either the man or the woman.
Prayer to Break the Curse of Barrenness Because of Sexual Sin:
Father God, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, I acknowledge that I have committed the sin of fornication with my fiancé/boyfriend/girlfriend. I confess that I defiled my body with the sin of fornication. I would like to ask for forgiveness for defiling myself. I repent of this sin and I turn away from it so that I will not be tempted again to do it. I confess that I have defiled my fiancé/boyfriend /girlfriend’s body by fornicating with him/her. Father, I ask for the blood of Jesus to cleanse me from this sin.
I bind every unclean spirit of lust, impurity, and immorality that has entered into me because of this sin, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I command these spirits to leave my body, emotions, and mind and to be cast into the deepest sea, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I ask for the blood of Jesus to cover these doorways. I tear down the memories and thoughts of lovemaking and sexual encounters with my fiancé/boyfriend/girlfriend in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. Father God, starting today I will walk in purity and value chastity. I want to start my future marriage on the right foundation. Any curse that I have opened myself up to either in my womb (for ladies) or in my loins (for men) because of fornication, I ask for the blood of Yeshua/Jesus to remove the power of the curse. I break the curse of barrenness in my womb or loins in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I ask for your blessing instead over my womb (for ladies) or loins (for men) in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I bless my relationship with my fiancé in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I declare a new beginning in our relationship in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. Heavenly Father, thank you for your love, for your forgiveness, for the blood of Yeshua/Jesus that cleanses and protects and for the new found freedom that we will enjoy! Thank you that you have removed our sin from us, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus!
Here is the Prayer to Confess and Repent of Pregnancy Before Marriage and the Breaking Off of the Bastard Spirit:
Father God, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, I acknowledge that I have sinned against you and against myself by committing the sin of fornication. I have defiled my body because of the fornication. I also confess that I have defiled my fiancé’s/boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s body because of this sin. I am repenting of this sin and I ask oh God for your forgiveness. Cleanse me from this sin and from all the fruits of defilement in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I ask for the blood of Yeshua/Jesus to remove the stain of my sin. Heavenly Father, I also would like to ask for forgiveness that my sin of fornicating has produced a life in my womb/or produced a life in my girlfriend or fiancé’s womb. Forgive us for getting pregnant outside of the protective covering of marriage. Heavenly Father, I dedicate this life in my womb/or in my fiancé’s womb in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I break the bastard spirit that came into him/her because of our sin, in Yeshua/Jesus name. I ask that this life in my womb/fiancé’s womb will be reclaimed for your glory. I break the pattern of fornication in his/her life in Yeshua/Jesus name. Bless this little one in the womb in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. May he be a branch grafted into the True Vine and manifest the fruit of righteousness, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, Amen!
Here is the Prayer to Break the Curse of Fornication on the Baby:
Father God, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, I thank you for the life of this baby. I dedicate him/her to you in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. Set him/her apart for the purpose of honoring, and glorifying your name. I confess the sin of fornication in which this baby was conceived. I ask forgiveness for this sin in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I break the power of the sin of fornication under which he/she was conceived and instead we ask oh God that you will sanctify this baby in the name of Jesus. I declare that the curse is broken by the blood of Yeshua/Jesus! I want this baby to walk in a different life unlike ours where the sin was committed. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for your love. And thank you for giving this baby a different life and a new slate, in Yeshua/Jesus name, Amen.
When a sexual sin results in acquiring a sexually transmitted disease and the person is repentant, the minister or counselor should curse the virus behind the sexually transmitted disease after the Prayer of Repentance and after Renouncing The Sin of Fornication are both said and done. The Prayer of Repentance will release forgiveness to the person who sinned and the blood of Jesus will wash away that sin. Cursing the virus of herpes, syphilis and HIV in the name of Jesus will cause the virus to wither and die! Only the virus is being cursed, not the person. Never, ever make a mistake of cursing the person! Proverbs 18:21 in the Old Testament says, “the tongue has the power of life and death…”
Here is the Prayer to Curse the Virus of Sexually Transmitted Diseases:
Heavenly Father, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, I curse the HIV virus* to wither and die. In The name of Yeshua/Jesus! Amen!  
*You can use herpes, or syphilis depending on the case presented to you.
Confession to Break and Overcome Generational Curses

Heavenly Father I Come to you today in faith to Break and overcome all generational curses. We break every curse of idle words and abominations that caused my generation to go after the gods of this world. In the Name of Yeshua/Jesus, I command it broken and I command it to come out. I command the curse of idolatry to be loosed and broken off of my life and those that come after me. Paganistic practices, I call you out in the Mighty Name of Yeshau/Jesus.
I break every curse of the wanderer and the vagabond. I break the curse of rebellion, disobedience, and not obeying the Word of the Lord. I command selfishness and greed to be loosed off of me and the generations after me, in Yeshua/Jesus' Name. I break the curse of the city, the things that I have tried to build under myself and the kingdoms and possessions. I break the curse off my fields, lands and inheritance. I break the curse off the fruit of my body, off my children, the words that come out of my mouth and my generation. I break the curse off of the increase of my wealth, the things I have done, and the blessings of my land.
I break the curse of my going out and my coming in, my sitting down, and my rising up, I break the curse off my basket and storehouse in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus. I break every curse that satan has set up to bring defeat into my generation.
I break every curse of alcoholism and illicit drug use that is setup to destroy my organs in my flesh, my family relationships, my interactions with others, my conscious decision making and most importantly, my relationship with GOD. We expose the root cause of alcoholism and illicit drug use. We expose every psychological factor that causes this to occur and place this need under the BLOOD OF YESHUA/JESUS.
I command all lawlessness and rebellion to cease in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus. I break the curse of confusion. I command the spirit of confusion, the spirit of Babylon, the harlot system, that whorish nature, that flirtatious woman that goes a whoring after other gods, to loose my family right now, in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus. I go back 10 generations and break your hold and my life. I come against all the rebuke and blasphemy, every curse of damnation that has been spoken upon my bloodline for 10 generations. Everything that took away my self-worth, I command it broken.
I come against the spirit of destruction and command this curse to be loosed off of my generation in the Mighty Name of Yeshua/Jesus. I command the curse of evil, all the backbiting, the slander, the contention, the anger, the hatred, PRIDE, unforgiveness, to come out in Yeshua/Jesus' Name.
I come against every pestilence. I break the curse of poverty and command that spirit to loose me. The things that have been stolen from me, I command them to come into obedience to the Word of God. I break the curse of the thief and the liar, incest, illegitimacy, and sodomy. I come against the spirit of pride and self-righteousness. Religious spirits, I command you to loose me and the spirit of KINGDOM Mindness to overtake me.
I break the curse of consumption and fever, inflammation, every illness, every thyroid condition, every pain causing infection to be released from me and my generation right now. I come against all diseases and infirmities in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus.
I command condemnation to loose me and my generation in the Mighty Name of Yeshua/Jesus. I break the curse that causes me to be struck down before my enemies. The spirit of failure, no vision, I command it to loose me. I break the curse of death, premature death. I break the curse of boils, blood diseases, tumors, in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus. I command the curse of cancer to be loosed from my generation. I command bitterness, bitter roots, resentments, a lying tongue and unforgiveness to loose me and my generation.
In the Name of Yeshua/Jesus, me and my family are set free because the Word of God does not fail. The laws of God are to be acted upon. I break everything that would make me the tail, the man beneath. I come against depression, anxiety, spirit of suicide, self-inflictions, insanity, no self-control, and retardation and I command it to loose my generation.
I break the curse of all skin diseases, and things that don't heal herpes, and psoriasis. I come against the spirit of torment in itches, nervousness. I come against the Spirit of dismay, discouragement, dismay of mind and heart, the spirit of despair, mental anguish, mental depression, and I command you to loose me and my generation in Yeshua/Jesus' Name.
Everything that has been allowed to bruise my life, I now cancel it. I call heaven and earth to witness that I will not be bound with the curse of poverty any longer. I come against the enemy coming in and robbing from me, taking the things that are precious and robbing me of good. I break the curse of verbal, emotional and physical abuse.
I break the curse of lust, promiscuity, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and perversion. Your assignment is canceled. The spirit of fantasy, the daydreamer, I break your hold in Yeshua/Jesus' Name.
I break the curse that would allow the enemy to pursue me and allows him to come in and present himself. I break the curse of all witchcraft and all mind control. I command every demon in hell to loose me in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. I break the curse of the false prophet, false teaching, things that I have listened to and taken into my being. I command all false teachings and errors, to be broken and out of my life, in Yeshua/Jesus' Name. I repent before You, Lord, and I ask you to show me from here on in, what is right in your sight, in your word.
I break the curse of unbelievers, -unbelievers in my household, that mixture in the house from the mother, the father, the children, the wife or husband. I break the curse of laziness and I command the spirit of passivity to loose me in Yeshua/Jesus' Name.

Rahab in the BIBLE was a HARLOT or known by today’s words, she was a WHORE. Rahab was directly connected to Yeshua Messiah.
Salmon married a woman named Rahab
Rahab had a son named BOAZ
BOAZ married a woman named Ruth
Ruth had a son named Obed
Obed had a son named Jesse
Jesse had a son named David
From the Household of David came YESHUA MESSIAH.
No matter how bad iniquity may have run in your family, Yeshua/Jesus is the Prime Example of a Curse Breaker. If Yeshua/ Jesus was directly connected to Rehab’s house, what can come out of your house! Amen!
If further assistance is needed please feel free to contact me for more advice or to set up a private counseling session!

In His Service,
Rabbi/Pastor Hector Gomez

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