Would the Creator's Religion have a Greek name?
by Rabbi Hector Gomez on November 10th, 2011

Or a Hindu, Latin, Chinese, or HEBREW term to describe it?

Is the Creator's Name Hebrew? Adam, Noach, Abraham, Daniel, are Hebrew; would their Messiah take on a Greek name? Let’s not hide from the Hebrew roots, but embrace them.

A name is a mark of identification. What we call something by name may be inherited error. What we practice may also be inherited error (see Jeremiah/YermeYahu 16:19).

When we consider the really BIG questions, we're usually "outside the box" compared to where most people operate. Religion can be defined in a variety of ways. In the most basic, foundational sense of the idea, religion is a "WAY" of living one's life. This will impact the person, and others around them. We all know what "radical" religious behavior can produce, and how it can impact others. For a moment, imagine that you'd like to learn what the "religion" (way) of the Creator is. It is highly probable that His way is much simpler and yet superior to every other "way" that we normally see around us. Religions are followed by billions of people alive right now, yet the vast majority of these people have hardly guessed that they are involved in mixtures of various Pagan traditions brought together by men over many centuries, or even millennia.

Who can we trust? Whose words can we read that will always be true, and what evidence can be found to authenticate that what has been stated by that person is trustworthy? Because He is the only One that claimed to have the authority, and because He died and yet rose from the dead, that person could only be:

Yahushua of Natsarith, the Mashiach of Yisrael.

He is the KING of ISRAEL, in contrast to being the king of any other people. The others don't want to be ruled by Him, otherwise they'd show it by obeying His Covenant. The Hebrew idea conveyed in the title “Mashiach” certainly means the “anointed” one, and only one can have this title — the KING. The Greek word “CHRIST” was used as a title for several Pagan deities:

CHRESTOS MITHRAS pure, sacred, good, holy. (Roman meaning was interchangable: "good Mithras", or "holy Mithras")

CHRIST HELIOS (Mandaean -- Augustine, a "Church father", was formerly Mandaean, a sun-worshipper)


People have made and inherited plenty of unintentional mistakes. What if each of us could find one mistake to correct while we’re alive; wouldn’t that be a good thing? What does it mean if a person practices "Christianity", and then they are asked to find this word in a concordance, and it's not found? Something has to be wrong, and many of you have felt it deep down inside you. It's fairly certain that once a person dies that's pretty much all they'll be doing under their own power; they'll be needing some "supernatural" help to ever manage to do anything else. After 7 or 8 minutes without breathing, there's no coming back to pay any more taxes. Some of the people who have stopped breathing are Buddha, Ras Tafari, Joseph Smith, Muhammad, John F. Kennedy, Don Knotts, Winston Churchill, and about 25 billion other people that have lived on this planet since 4004 BCE. They're all sleeping, and they’ve left us with a diverse assortment of individual ideas about an “after-life”. Muhammad expected something quite different than Kennedy did. One or both of them could be shocked when they awaken in the resurrection to discover they had been misled. In fact, all of these people have a high probability of being shocked by what they will experience. So, as frightened as people are of dying, the scariest thing of all will really be awakening to discover that reality is nothing like they ever expected. The "Torah" of Yahuah will still be the "Word", and it will never pass away.


The “Hebrew roots” are being investigated by many diligent seekers here in the end times, and knowledge is increasing; blinders are falling from eyes. The religion of Christianity is BASED on the teachings of the Messiah of Israel, Yahushua, however they call Him by a Greco-Latinized name. "Christianity" is not the religion of the Messiah (the Creator, Almighty), nor Israel, but rather is a religion ABOUT the Messiah. It is not the religion practiced by the early followers of the Messiah either, although it is promoted to be.

Christianity is fragmented into over 1000 distinct "denominations". Each is exclusionary of the other. A house divided against itself cannot stand - and many who realize that something is very wrong are investigating the Hebrew roots of the faith. This is causing many people to fall away from men's traditions, and grow closer to their Creator, and His Way (or path, religion). He does not change, or break His covenants. Learn about who Israel really is, and how Israel is the only bride Yahuah has, or ever will have. Those who don't keep His Covenant may want to be His, but only those who keep it actually are.

We know there is quite a bit that’s correct in Christianity, but at the same time there are inherited errors from past generations. Yahushua’s Spirit is causing us to search out what is of the Truth, and separate the errors from our “walk”. The Greco-Roman faith called Christianity promotes a "belief only" doctrine, and indoctrinates its followers against being "legal" by calling obedience to the Covenant "legalism". And yet, it will be "illegalists" who will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Yahushua is calling forth a remnant, rebuilding the maiden Israel, those who will be faithful to the Covenant. Read Jer / YermeYahu chapters 3 & 16 to better understand the “fishers” and the “hunters” that are being set to search for the remnant of Israel among the nations. The Covenant (Torah) is inseparable from Israel. If anyone leaves the Covenant, they are no longer Israel.

“And I shall give you shepherds according to My heart, and they shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

And it shall be, when you have increased, and shall bear fruit in the land in those days, declares YHWH, that they no longer say,

‘The ark of the Covenant of YHWH’, neither would it come to heart, nor would they remember it, nor would they visit it, nor would it be made again.

At that time Yerushalyim shall be called the throne of YHWH, and all the nations shall be gathered to it, to the Name of YHWH, to Yerushalyim, and no longer walk after the stubbornness of their evil heart.

“In those days the House of Yahudah shall go to the House of Yisrael, and they shall come together out of the land of the north to the land that I have given as an inheritance to your fathers.” YermeYahu/Jeremiah 3:15-18

When people realize that the Messiah of Israel doesn't have a Greek name (Yahushua as opposed to "Jesus") or title (Mashiach as opposed to "Christ"), they may ask themselves why the Creator's religion would have a Greek name (Christian, Christianity).

Yahuah’s “way” is the Torah of Yahuah, so this should be the “way” of His people also. There's only one body of Mashiach. So, in the world-to-come when Adam, Mosheh, Daniel, Abraham, and many others we know from Scripture are resurrected, will they be Catholics? Will they even be Christians? Will there be anyone practicing anything remotely called "Christianity" in the world-to-come? They will be practicing the Torah of Yahuah, and there will not be anyone present who isn't doing so. Where does that leave the rest of the religious patterns? There's one body we must become joined to, and it's called the "commonwealth/citizenship (qahal, assembly) of Israel" (Eph. 2:8-13). In the final analysis, we will either be judged to be FELLOW CITIZENS of the assembly of Israel, or strangers/outsiders to the Covenant, practicing lies instead of the Truth. What do you suppose might be the outcome of those choosing to remain outside the Covenant people Israel? Can anything in Scripture be found for their salvation? The answer is clear. Former strangers must be engrafted into the olive tree, Israel. The only path to eternal life is through the re-newed Covenant in Yahushua's blood, and allowing Him to write His Covenant upon our hearts.

I would like to close this by saying, Yahweh Our God will not be pleased if we now go and become Torah Terrorists. We are not beat everyone over the head, and let them know how wrong they are. I still use the name Jesus and Christ and of course Yeshua Our Messiah and Yahweh when teaching His word. There is even different ways of spelling Yeshua or Yashusua, but let's not get legalistic. This teaching is to just make you aware, how far we have gone from the truth of His word! Many just like myself, was confused for many years, because of the lack of knowledge of His truth. Yes, there is allot of confusion out there, and we do need to learn the truth, and it's my assigment from Yahweh Our God. To teach the truth of the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith, to everyone who wants to learn it! So please learn from this, and use it faithfully and with mercy and compassion. Amen! Be Blessed and be loving in your instructions to our brethren, remember, you too was once confused! Be Loving in Yeshua! Amen!!!!

In His Service, Pastor Hector Gomez

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